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Punk Scholars Network 2nd Annual Conference and Postgraduate Symposium
CALL FOR PAPERS: Punk NOW!! | 27/3/2015

Punk Scholars Network 2nd Annual Conference and Postgraduate Symposium In Association ...

ISTANBUL, TURQUIA, 7-9 MAIO 2015 | 14/8/2014


DIVULGANDO - Congresso sobre Heavy Metal
Helsinki, Finland, 8-12 June 2015 | 11/7/2014 CALL FOR PAPERS OUT! MODERN ...

Cronograma RBEC n. 5 e 6
Novos prazos | 7/7/2014

Caros autores, Informo-lhes que, devido a atrasos no processo de distribuição e ...

Chamada para artigos nºs 5 e 6 - novo prazo: 05 mar 2014
Call for papers - issues 5 and 6 - new deadline: March 5th, 2014 | 20/1/2014

  Prezados colegas, Está aberta a chamada de artigos que comporão o quinto ...

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LAURO MELLER (President): Professor of Reading and Writing Practices in Portuguese and English, at the School of Science and Technology of the UFRN, in Natal, Brazil. Doctor in Modern Languages / Literature from PUC-Minas, with the thesis “Poets or Songsters: a discussion on Brazilian popular songs vis-à-vis literary poetry”. Master from UFSC, with the dissertation “Sugar Cane Fields Forever: Carnivalization, Sgt. Pepper’s, Tropicalia”. Musician affiliated to the Brazilian Musicians’ Union (OMB – as bassist and guitarist) and to the IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music).

ROBERTO BOZZETTI (Roberto José Bozzetti Navarro), Doctor in Modern Languages and Literatures (Comparative Literature) from the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), with the thesis "Paulinho da Viola and the interfaces of modernity in Brazil” (2006); Master in Modern Languages & Literatures (Theory of Literature and Brazilian Literature) from the same University with the dissertation “Deadlocks and limits of literary criticism and MPB: an interpretation of the contributions by Affonso Romano de Sant’Anna and José Miguel Wisnik” (2006). Professor of Theory of Literature at Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro since 2009, member of the research group “Discourses: History, Literature and Memorialism in contemporary interfaces”, with the line of investigation "Literary Poetry and the Poetics of Songs”.  He has compositions recorded in partnership with Fred Martins, and has launched two poetry books, A tal chama o tal fogo (2008) and Firma irreconhecível (2009), both published by Oficina Raquel, RJ.

MIKE BROCKEN: PhD in Popular Music from the IPM – Institute of Popular Music, University of Liverpool. He is senior lecturer in Popular Music Studies at Liverpool Hope University, and also course director and principal lecturer for the “Beatles Popular Music & Society” MA, at the same University.

ÉVERTON BARBOSA CORREIA: Doctor in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature from the University of São Paulo. Developed post-doctoral research under the supervision of Marcos Antonio Siscar, initially at UNESP and then at UNICAMP, about the relationship of João Cabral and his partners, and currently he is a professor at UFPB, where he investigates the works of Joaquim Cardozo. He works in the Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature fields, with an emphasis to authors from the Brazilian Literature.

JEAN JOUBERT FREITAS MENDES: Doctor in Music-Ethnomusicology from the Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), with a "sandwich" Doctorate at Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he was a visiting professor in 2007. He is a professor at the School of Music of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte-UFRN, and has experience as a Coordinator of the Undergraduate Programme in Music (2009-2011). He is a member of the Research Board of the UFRN and leads the Group of Studies and Research in Music (Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisa em Música-GRUMUS). He develops studies in Musical Education, particularly those concerning the teaching-learning of Music in Primary Education. In the field of Ethnomusicology, he has dedicated himself to the study of music in the Afro-Brazilian culture with researches and publishings about the "Congado" from Minas Gerais State (studies concerning musical identity, change and musical transmissions), and about the "Samba de Roda" in the Recôncavo Baiano (musical transmission of the "Viola Machete").

AGOSTINHO LIMA: Doctor in Music / Ethnomusicology from UFBA (2008), he develops studies about the song as an oral tradition ("Cavalo-Marinho" Music), about the music of fiddlers ("rabequeiros") and the insertion of this music in the sphere of the urban Popular Music. He is a Professor at the School of Music of the UFRN, and works in the areas of Popular Music, Brazilian Music and Ethnomusicology. He has produced CDs of "Cavalo-Marinho" Music and fiddlers' music.

LUIZ HENRIQUE ASSIS GARCIA: Licenciate degree (1997), Master's degree (2000), and Doctorate  (2007) in History from UFMG, with researches on the works of the Clube da Esquina and on Brazilian Popular Music from the 1960s and 70s. He is an adjunct professor at the same institution, being especially involved with the Museology undergratuate course. He coordinates the research group Observatório de Museus (Museum Observatory), besides being a member of the Center for the Convergence of New Medias (CCNM). In addition to popular music studies, he researches heritage and memory, cultural exchanges and urban space.