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Punk Scholars Network 2nd Annual Conference and Postgraduate Symposium
CALL FOR PAPERS: Punk NOW!! | 27/3/2015

Punk Scholars Network 2nd Annual Conference and Postgraduate Symposium In Association ...

ISTANBUL, TURQUIA, 7-9 MAIO 2015 | 14/8/2014


DIVULGANDO - Congresso sobre Heavy Metal
Helsinki, Finland, 8-12 June 2015 | 11/7/2014 CALL FOR PAPERS OUT! MODERN ...

Cronograma RBEC n. 5 e 6
Novos prazos | 7/7/2014

Caros autores, Informo-lhes que, devido a atrasos no processo de distribuição e ...

Chamada para artigos nºs 5 e 6 - novo prazo: 05 mar 2014
Call for papers - issues 5 and 6 - new deadline: March 5th, 2014 | 20/1/2014

  Prezados colegas, Está aberta a chamada de artigos que comporão o quinto ...

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RBEC, n.1, jan-jun 2012EN BR

Action Article
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The Beatles, Popular Music and Society: Post Grads and Bibliographies
Mike Brocken
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Ivan Lins: a "mobile actor" in the 1970s MPB
Thaís Lima Nicodemo
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Correlations between the Musical Structure and the Poetic Narrative of "Carinhoso"
Carlos de Lemos Almada
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Between Conga Drums, Sambas and Orixás
Anderson Leon Almeida de Araújo e Leila Dupret
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The use of songs in the soundtrack of popular comedies by Companhia Atlântida Cinematográfica – 1942/1962
Sandra Ciocci
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MPB: identity, intertextuality, and contradiction in the musical discourse
Álvaro Neder
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Caymmi’s subime sea
João de Carvalho
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The song "Tapera", by Lorenzo Fernandez, or the ambiguity of Brazilian images
Mônica Pedrosa
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The Blues as a fundamental structure of Jazz: non-tonal linear progressions and the schenkerian reduction technique adapted to the Afro-American context
Rafael Palmeira da Silva
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The Children’s Brazilian song in the perspective of the CDG File for the analysis and composition of songs
Helena Müller de Souza Nunes
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God’s Guinea Pig: The Five Stages of Grief in the Songs of Cazuza
Lauro Meller